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Looking to refinance or buy your first home?


Here at Dot, we understand the journey of buying your first home, refinancing an investment property, getting a business loan to grow your business, and are here to build your financial future… from start to finish.

We make it simple to understand finance, leaving it to us, the guys at DOT to get you the best rate, structure and build your wealth. We have established strong connections with a range of lenders – The big guys – CBA, Westpac, ANZ, NAB and many of the up and comers – St George, ME bank, AMP + Many more.

We cater to a wide range of clients ranging from first home buyers, guiding them through the hurdles of the home buying journey all the way through to your multi asset investor looking to diversify and make the most of their portfolios. With Dot here to help, we guide you through purchases, refinances, and help solve bad credit/ debt problems. we make the process simple and transparent.

The difference with Dot, is you deal with real people, with real experiences and real solutions. With years of industry experience, knowledge and extensive connections, our team led by Lopez Chen and Loui Daoud have helped thousands of Aussies get a better deal and build quality portfolios along the way. Our belief and core focus is on building long term relationships with our clients, It’s not a one-time exchange, it’s longevity.

All you need to do is connect with us. Our mortgage calculator is available for you to use now. Discover your financial freedom with our calculator.

Let us help you connect the dots to your financial future today.


Our Services


Residential Home and Investment Lending


Property Consultancy


Sales Advisory


Pre-purchase Property Assessments

How to start


Step 1


We'll get the opportunity to comprehend you through a gathering and survey, needs, examination and credit guide. We will do our homework for you before we meet to invest more energy tending to any hazy areas you may have.


Step 2


When we've met and inspected in full detail of your situation, we'll at that point take as much time as is needed in working harder in consulting with the distinctive lenders to decide the choice that is most suited to your particular needs.


Step 3


Here we should give you your suggestions to browse. You will have three unique decisions to choose from.



Step 4


Once we've settled on your choice, we will present your application to the nominated lender and stay up with the latest with the advance.


Step 5


Getting your money here is the fun part and most rewarding.


Step 6


Confirmation that the bank has settled the loan and the money has been distributed to the chosen destination.


Step 7


We have reminders to make routine checkups in the journey to creating a long-time wealth.

  • Julius
    For several years investing in real estate and development, I have quickly realized that Dot financial is very sensitive, very quickly in providing information, details, documentation for organizing refinancing or financing new properties.   Lopez is so helpful, friendly and responds fast that you will never stay in the dark ask when you will get an answer.
  • Mike
    Dot financial gave me all the tools I needed to be able to qualify for my first purchase. They had everything clear and the name really makes sense because of clichés that sounds like that. They always want to help, be available and understanding. Now we have a plan and we will try to re-evaluate our place in the future before we buy new property with them. I hope that comes soon.
  • Joy and Roseline
    After our review, we were not happy with our business loans due to the new conditions applied by our existing bank. Dot financial could talk to our existing bank; negotiate our best terms and rates. Then they continued, talked to other suitable lenders and offered us a much better job, with terms and prices that we never thought we could achieve. The change was never something we wanted to do, but Loui made it easier for us, and we've already referred him to our friends.
    Joy and Roseline
  • Mark
    Very active attitude, making sure you are well informed and comfortable. They are always available to answer most of the insignificant questions to help me with any situation. Do not hesitate to recommend Dot financial to anyone. Lopez’s knowledge and experience are invaluable.
  • Michelle
    Before I met Lopez, I have once found dealing with banks very hard. They take much time to respond to every single email I sent them; it took them days to respond to one. I was so happy to find Lopez because he was very responsive, and he made the whole processes as clear to me as broad day light which I found very helpful. He made me understand where my money is going. If I didn’t come across Dot financial, I would have not gotten the approval process as easy as I got it. I can’t thank you enough Lopez!
  • John
    Loui’s ways were exceptionally apparent and straightforward. His methods are very professional, weren’t biased in any way or form towards any financial institution. Loui’s spares me more of his time to deliver what was the best for me. He enlightened me and let me understand what I was getting into and also gave me some vital information I needed to remember as opposed to all the information he had. Dot financial advised me on what would set me up for craved success which is not only for my first home but hopefully for many more in the future.