• Posted on : 27 Jun 2018

Hello Everyone! Welcome to another awesome edition of the Dot Monthly! In this issue, we discuss the importance of a good broker. I want to make something clear, A mortgage broker is not only in charge of helping you choose the right loan but also in charge of educating you on your property and the options available to you.

At Dot, we believe in the 3 E’s – Educate, empower and Execute. The reason behind our madness is simple – We teach you on all matters finance and property, help you make the right decisions + push you to act. As you know, knowledge without action = Nothing.


Capital cities’ median house price falls

Things are taking a turn south after years of substantial capital growth, in particular the Sydney and Melbourne Markets. According to the latest figures from the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA), Weighted average falls were recorded – by 0.1% at $770,086 (Median values nationally) for houses over the first three months in the year.

Unsurprisingly, Hobart is still continuing its growth momentum, outpacing all the other capital cities after 10+ years of growth stagnation. Below, is a snapshot of the major city and regional centres and where they are placed on the property clock, according to Herron Todd White.


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What Dot has been up to last month?

We’ve made it even more easier to reach us. Not only will you have access to our emails and contact numbers, if you jump on our website, we have a chat function that is allocated directly to the team at Dot, not a robot. It’s been business as usual for us, if you have not had the chance just yet, I highly suggest you take some time to read up on the 15 year itch (e book available on the website). It will cover strategies on paying off your existing loan – Really good value! And please your feedback on the blog and the Ebook is appreciated.



A real finance tip that you can actually use?

Interest in advance (prepayment of interest on your investment loans) – For those investors out there, if you are planning an extended holiday knowing your income will be reduced next year, it may make sense to prepay the interest on your investment loan, so you can claim 2 financial years’ worth of interest in the one. Speak to your accountant as they will be the best person to advise whether this is for you.

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