• Posted on : 26 Apr 2018

Welcome to Dot Financials’ first ever monthly article… Edition 1! It’s an absolute pleasure having you subscribed to our list and rest assured, the content we deliver on here will empower you to make the right property and finance decisions.

On a monthly basis, we’ll be discussing –

  • What’s happening in the finance industry.
  • Property market update.
  • What Dot has been up to for the month.
  • A finance tip that WILL actually save you money.


We’ve been operating since the start of the year and extremely pleased with the way things are falling into place. Lopez and I have hired Samuel Muni as our operations manager to fight our battles from the back end. He comes with a wealth of experience joining the team from Commonwealth Premier Banking.


What is the royal commission and why is there so much media attention on it?

The industry focus of late has been on the Royal Commission. The Royal Commission is an investigation, an initiative, set up specifically by the government to look into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry. The Commission is reviewing responsible lending and looking to see if banks, lenders, and brokers are doing the right thing.

A final report needs to be compiled by February 2019 but until then, one thing is for sure, applications for finance will require a little more attention to detail by those people applying, those submitting and by those approving applications. Some experts believe this Royal Commission is more important than ever now given how high Australia’s debt levels are but others maintain a different notion of our debt levels.


What Dot has been up to in the last 4 months?

We’ve been working tirelessly to get our processes right to make it easier for you. We’re based in the heart of the CBD – Martin place but given we spend 95% on the road meeting our clients at a location that is convenient to them, we have not been afforded the luxury of embracing the new office environment.

Another aspect of the business is network building and relationships. We’ve had a chunk of meetings with Realtors, accountants and insurance gurus whom we think will be part of our network long term and most importantly will be able to assist you along the way.


A real finance tip that you can actually use?

Set up an offset account!

We cannot stress the importance of using this feature.

It is transaction account linked to an eligible home or investment loan. The money you have in this account could offset the amount you owe on that loan, and you’ll only be charged the interest on the difference.

Hope you enjoyed reading the blog and should you have any questions, please feel free to email or you can call us on 1300 000 DOT (368).

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