What is The 15 Year Itch?

It’s the unrelenting feeling of having your mortgage paid off in 15 years. The feeling of knowing that your income is going to be used for an extended holiday, better schooling for your kids and the ability to determine your pathway in life, not letting your mortgage dictate things for you.

Nowadays, you have Banks/ brokers selling you the idea of a 30-year mortgage. We show you how and why it is possible to achieve the 15-year itch.

How can you do it?

If there were a magic bullet for achieving financial freedom, everyone would be enjoying the fruits of a mortgage free life.


Achieving the itch by paying off your mortgage in 15 years can be done but there’s no cut and dried way to do it :

  1. Budget overhaul- A relentless focus of budgeting and cutting the unnecessary expenses incurred
  2. Mortgage options – Refinancing your loan to a lower interest rate, dividing your monthly payment, using an offset account effectively & repaying more than the minimum
  3. Leveraging – investing and using the profits to pay off your home loan
  4. Work with a team of professionals – We have unrivalled access to a team of financial planners, real estate agents, solicitors and insurance agents.


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